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Seventy years ago, Britain led the world in aircraft design. The Avro Vulcan is the iconic example from that era of aerospace engineering at its world-beating best. Its impressive list of technical innovations includes being the first successful large delta wing aircraft. The Vulcan delivered performance and agility much closer to a jet fighter’s than a bomber’s.

In 2007, the Vulcan to the Sky Trust famously returned Vulcan XH558 to flight, after a campaign that started following her last flight in RAF service in 1993.

The famed agility of the Vulcan enabled XH558 to deliver amazing air displays for her adoring public, which sadly had to finish in October 2015, only eight years after she was restored to flight. However she continues to operate in full working order for the public to appreciate, albeit in ground running condition.

Honouring the Past

The Trust has exciting plans to deploy XH558 as the centrepiece in a new Vulcan Experience hangar, telling the story of the Vulcan, the RAF’s V-Force in which she served – keeping the peace during the Cold War. We will also commemorate the lives of the RAF people in South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire during that period of terrifying global tension – a truly remarkable history.

Inspiring the Future

But the Vulcan to the Sky Trust is not solely focused on the past, but also very much on the future. We have been delighted with the reaction of youngsters to seeing this large live aircraft up close, and have noted the inspirational effect that the aircraft has on them. The Trust will build on this exciting experience, working with schools, colleges and other organisations, to motivate and educate new generations of young people, focusing on the technical skills that our country needs so badly.


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