Bob Tracey Recalls

Bob Tracey was a Club member and was a hangar volunteer during the restoration. (This article was originally published in The Vulcan Magazine – Summer 2008) All of my service in the RAF from 1953 to 1977 was during the Cold War period. I joined as a Boy Entrant u/t…

Cold War

1948 – 1953 – The Way Forward

Part of the Vulcan - A Time In History series

Research into delta-wing aircraft had also been conducted by the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE) at Farnborough, and the combined results of this programme and that of the Avro team brought about a number of changes in the design. The wing became thinner, with the engines buried inside with their intakes…

698 707 Farnborough Gloster Meteor VX770 VX777

Ramblings from the AEO’s Panel – Part 2

Part of the Ramblings from the AEO's Panel series

Barry Masefield was the Air Electronics Officer (AEO) for Vulcan XH558 and had flown in this iconic aircraft for over 30 years, also being a key member of the Vulcan Display Flight (VDF), the RAF Unit which memorably flew the aircraft on the Airshow circuit until September 1992. Barry was also a member of…

Barry Masefield Vulcan XH558

Britains Nuclear Deterrent Development – Part 11

Part of the Britain's Nuclear Deterrent Development series

William Penney, the man in charge of Britain’s bomb design, William Cook, his deputy, and the scientists at the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment (AWRE) at Aldermaston in Berkshire did not have full knowledge on how to build a hydrogen bomb. The team produced three megaton-range designs that would require testing.…

Dakota Valiant
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