The Birth of the Avro Vulcan

Sharing a momentous 70th anniversary year with Her Majesty the Queen, 2022 is also the Platinum Jubilee of the Avro Vulcan. On Saturday 30 August 1952, history was made as Avro Type 698, VX770, took to the sky for the first time. It was the prototype for the Avro Vulcan…

Type 698 VX770 VX770 698

1948 – 1953 – The Way Forward

Part of the Vulcan - A Time In History series

Research into delta-wing aircraft had also been conducted by the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE) at Farnborough, and the combined results of this programme and that of the Avro team brought about a number of changes in the design. The wing became thinner, with the engines buried inside with their intakes…

698 707 Farnborough Gloster Meteor VX770 VX777

Avro Apprentice

Whilst Mr Ewans was hard at work in the design office, a certain David Thirlby was equally hard at it on the factory floor! The Following is an account of the ‘other end’ of the ladder in Avro’s Woodford complex, birthplace of the mighty delta. Many thanks to David Thirlby,…

698 Vulcan VX770
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