1955-1959 – Vulcans in Service

Part of the Vulcan - A Time In History series

From the time of their arrival into service at the Operational Conversion Unit (OCU), all the Vulcans were painted silver, but in April 1957 the first wearing the all-new white colour scheme arrived, and the earlier aircraft were gradually repainted. The first Vulcan squadron to be formed was No. 83…

Blue Steel VX777 XA903 XH532 XH533 XH538

1948 – 1953 – The Way Forward

Part of the Vulcan - A Time In History series

Research into delta-wing aircraft had also been conducted by the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE) at Farnborough, and the combined results of this programme and that of the Avro team brought about a number of changes in the design. The wing became thinner, with the engines buried inside with their intakes…

698 707 Farnborough Gloster Meteor VX770 VX777
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