You can help to build the Vulcan Experience, to educate and inspire future generations into science, technical and engineering careers

The Vulcan 558 Executive Alliance is an exclusive opportunity for your business to be involved in building a new hangar and a world-class, inspirational and interactive educational facility in Doncaster: The Vulcan Experience.

The Vulcan 558 Executive Alliance is a membership group open to an exclusive 558 businesses from across the UK. The group’s support will help fund the build of the new Vulcan Experience at Doncaster Sheffield Airport, where the iconic Vulcan XH558 will be housed.

The Vulcan Experience will be a legacy of the heritage restoration project, which saw the mighty Vulcan returned to flight by the Vulcan to the Sky Trust in the world’s most ambitious and complex technical restoration project. The world-class visitor experience will focus heavily on educating and inspiring young people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) roles. The Alliance is being launched in partnership with CBE+, a specialist precision engineering sub-contract manufacturer, and The Work-wise Foundation, an employer-led charity for STEM fields such as engineering and manufacturing, and beyond.

The Trust’s vision for The Vulcan Experience is that the purpose-built hangar will be a major attraction where visitors will be able to hear and see the story of Vulcan XH558’s history and restoration to flight in 2007, plus the part played by the RAF’s V-Force aircraft in preserving the peace during the Cold War.

The Vulcan Experience will uniquely combine an immersive heritage site with interactive attractions designed to educate and inspire the young to become engineers. Not only this, but we will also exhibit a long overdue memorial to the V-Force and their crews.

 The hangar will house The Green Technology Hub which will inspire youngsters, already energised by climate change urgencies, to become engineers, essential in tackling the problems we face.


At the heart of The Vulcan Experience will be the exciting and interactive Green Technology Hub (GTH).

The development of the Avro Vulcan is a story of a twentieth century aircraft that was born through innovative thinking by British designers and engineers to solve a problem. That story will now be the springboard for today’s youth to make a difference by their career choices.

The GTH will inform and educate visitors, in an easily understandable way, about the causes of climate change and provide an opportunity for young people to see what scientists and engineers are doing to protect the environment for the future.

Green Technology Hub

A key focus will be on the evolution of greener aircraft design and the materials that make them, and looking at future technical solutions to the climate change issues generated by aviation.

Visitors will be encouraged to contribute to solving the climate challenge by following careers in aviation, engineering, and technology. They will leave knowing that the route to these careers is through choosing the right science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects at GCSE.

Youngsters will leave the Green Technology Hub understanding that;

• Scientists, engineers and technicians can and will help to solve climate change problems.

• Energy comes from a variety of sources of differing characteristics.

• Aviation has a future, but it may well look different from today.

Will your company be part of the Vulcan 558 Executive Alliance

and help to inspire future generations?

How can I get involved?

We have a target of £4m to complete the build. Of that £4m, £2.4m is agreed in principle to be a mortgage from a bank and half a million pounds of Trust funds will be provided towards the build.

That accounts for £2.9m, which is nearly three quarters of the way to the £4m!

To help bridge the gap of funding we have created the Executive Alliance, which will allows 558 businesses to contribute £3,000 and become exclusive members.

By contributing and supporting this incredible project, your business will receive the following benefits:

Members Wall

Your logo or name on a dedicated members’ wall in the hangar in perpetuity. The wall will be seen by tens of thousands of visitors each year and will be a permanent feature, proudly displaying all of the organisations that enabled the project to take off and secure the legacy of XH558. Your logo will also be included on our virtual wall of recognition located on our website.


A certificate to commemorate your support, for you to display in your business showing your commitment and involvement in supporting Britain’s need for future skills in the science, technical and engineering sector.

PR Opportunities

Exclusive PR opportunities for businesses involved, including being promoted through Vulcan to the Sky Trust's extensive social media reach.


Opportunities to attend special networking events to share and grow your brand with other like-minded business.

Opening Event

Access to our Grand Opening Event where the Vulcan 558 Executive Alliance will benefit from the media attention generated by the unique and new Vulcan Experience.

Family Days

Exclusive invitations to family days, for you and your team to enjoy a fun day bonding with each other.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Association with our innovative education programme, which will see local young people involved in creating exhibits for the new home of the Vulcan, and an ongoing link with educating and inspiring future generations into STEM careers.


Regular e-newsletters showing build progress and activity schedule once open.


Association with our Green Technology Hub, which will inform and educate visitors, in an easily understandable way, about the causes of climate change and provide an opportunity for young people to see what scientists and engineers are doing to protect the environment for the future.

Honouring the Past

The Vulcan Experience will also be home to a V-Force Memorial, honouring the men and women of the Royal Air Force’s V-Force squadrons, who served the nation during the Cold War.

Event Space

Opportunity to use the hangar for corporate and social events, such as networking, awards dinners, exhibitions and weddings.

There are only 558 memberships available!

Several businesses have already become members of the Vulcan 558 Executive Alliance and have their company logo displayed below, proudly showing their support for the campaign.

Secure your membership and place on the hangar commemorative wall in perpetuity – the partnership members can truly say

“we built the Vulcan Experience and are inspiring the future”

How to Contact us

For further information on the Vulcan 558 Executive Alliance,

or if you wish to explore opportunities beyond the Alliance including naming rights of the building and facilities within the Vulcan Experience,

please contact Michael Trotter on

07803 141 483

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