My First and Last

Taken from an article written by Peter Thomas in the 1998 edition of the club magazine Squadron Leader Peter Thomas, RAF (retired) has become an important and respected member of the Vulcan 558 Club. Here he gives us an chance to share his association with ‘558 and the other Vulcans he flew. Curiously it was […]

558’s 30th Birthday Party

XM603 and XH558

Hi, with reference to your request for photos and stories, as this year (2020) is 558’s 60th birthday I thought these photos of her 30th might be of interest.  I’m not sure how these photos will reproduce for your great magazine, but these are a selection taken in the evening at 558’s 30th birthday party at […]

The Vulcan’s Home at RAF Cottesmore

When living in quarters at RAF Cottesmore Rutland in 1967, the sight and sound of the Vulcan squadron taking off. Sadly my Husband, navigator, died whilst coming into land with only the two pilots surviving. This incident never stopped our following the flight of XH558.

North Weald Flight in Concorde with XH558

I joined the Vulcan Association in 1988. I payed numerous visits to Waddington and to many Air Shows especially Finningley as my Father-in-law was a member of the Sergeants mess there. I was offered the opportunity of buying a ticket to fly on Concorde alongside XH558 at North Weald air field. This was on the […]

Farewell at Cranfield

Remember the time I saw her final appearance at Cranfield in 1992 I think that was the right year. She flew past with bomb bay open and farewell was written inside. Very emotional and sadly we are saying farewell again. Thanks for the memories and all the hard work from everyone involved. What joy you […]

Deep Servicing

The seven happy years spent at RAF St Athan, deep servicing the Vulcans, rebuilding areas that never get seen and being rewarded by seeing a mighty delta jetting back in the to the skies. XH558 still has the repairs I did in 1968 intact and good, and I will miss that ‘Olympus Howl’!

Bunny Flight

We followed Dad, ‘Jock Mitchell’ back to England from Akrotiri in 1967, he was hospitalised. Little sister Josie left behind her best loved rabbit doll. Vulcan crew put it on board and sent it back super speedy to RAF Melksham to be happily reunited. Yey a trip for a fluffy rabbit, wish I had been […]

RAF Akrotiri 1964/5

I remember the sheer exhilaration of watching Vulcans taking off from RAF Akrotiri. I was a schoolboy at the time. My dad was Command Education Officer stationed at Episkopi and I had joined the gliding club at Akrotiri. Holding on to a wood and string Sedburgh on the peri track whilst Vulcans thundered down the […]

XH558 at Woodford

Dad would take us to the Woodford Air show every year. His older brother was the organiser. He was called Harold but everyone called him Harry. He would always introduce my dad as ‘The real Harry Keegan’. I must’ve been 8 or 9 years when I first met and fell in love with XH558. She […]