My memory is standing under Vulcans (including XH558) at several V-Force RAF stations and counting the rivets!!

At 0300 on a dispersal at RAF Waddington, on QRA security duties, when total silence and having one of the internal tyres burst on main wheels!

Seeing the 4 Vulcan Scramble from the ORP at RAF finningley, 1966 BOFB day. One of the pilots being Joe Le strange.

Standing under ‘my’ aircraft on QRA on a dispersal at RAF Waddington when in the middle of the night, the venting of fuel(AVTUR) Took place to my total horror!!

Driving at 75mph along a taxiway at RAF Waddington ‘escorting’ a Vulcan taking off during a takeval.

Being literally blown over by Vulcan on QRA at RAF Waddington during the daily exercise ‘Start Engines’ and ‘Taxi’

Most of all, my memory is of the 10s of thousands of unrecognised RAF police, successfully guarding the V-Force over 40 years!!