I joined the Royal Air Force in 1976 as a ground electrical mechanic, on completion of my trade training I was posted to RAF Waddington. Thus began what for me has turned into a 39 year love affair with the mighty Vulcan.

As a very young man the sight and sound of 4 operational Vulcan squadrons (9, 44,50 and 101 Sqn) was amazing.

I had 4 wonderful years at Waddington met some great people and had some great times.

One of my most outstanding memories was a Vulcan scramble to end a Taceval (tactical evaluation exercise) at the end of the exercise the Vulcans were scrambled to simulate heading to their war targets. This was usually only the 4 aircraft on the ORP (operational readiness platform) and that is it! Ended. On this occasion however (1979 I think) when the green flare was launched to signal the scramble every aircraft on the station took to the air, 27 Vulcans were launched one after the other, the sight and noise was incredible and will stay with me for ever.