October 1961 I was posted to Cottesmore to work on Victors. First we operated from the Gin Palace and went as required to work on 10 and 15 Squadrons. I was selected for 15 Squadron and was trained up on ECM for the Mk1A’s.

I remained at Cottesmore, until the Squadron disbanded during late 1964. The Cuban Crisis and The Indonesian Confrontation together with many War Game Exercises to Stations in the UK, which together with QRA duties kept us busy.

The Squadron Mk1A’s were taken away for conversion to Tankers during ’64 and we were given 10 Squadrons Mk1’s. I then moved to Honington where I worked in ASF, on the Victors there doing Minor Servicing. When the first 2 Point Tankers were ready I moved to Marham onto 55 Squadron during which time I went out to Cyprus with the Squadron where some Lightning’s needed Tanking to Persia for an Air Show and spent about a week ‘on holiday’ as the aircraft were not needed until after the Air Show.

In 1966 my time on the V force came to an end.