I was an Aircraft Airframe Tech, posted to 50 Sqn from RAF Gutersloh in Germany.

I had already worked on Vulcans at the factory in South Wales – St Athan for 3 years, but getting to work on a Sqn was more like it.

Due to my previous experience weight lifting, I used to fit the brake parachute on my own. A detachment to Malta, Valetta Island was great, exploring the local attractions and having to rescue aircraft jacks from the scrap compound for retractions. A further detachment to Norway and BODO Airbase was even more interesting.

Local night clubs where the place went from being a pub and everyone kicked out at 12.00pm and it was then a night club. Food was ok if you liked fish for dinner, lunch and breakfast.

My highlight was a 4 hour flight in the back of a Vulcan, complete with immersion suit and parachute strapped to your bum, but the best was an hour spent on the ladder between 2 pilots watching them pilot the aircraft, a rendezvous with a F111 over the North Sea was interesting.