My memory is when she first came to Bruntingthorpe.

I was with Phoenix aviation. the day after she landed, Myself and Jim Featherby (From the Lightning Preservation group), walked her down to the parking pan. Me on the starboard wing and Jim on the port wing, with a brake man of course in the cock pit and she was towed by Mr Cecil Walton. I felt very good about that.

Then most weekends, us volunteers, we sat about cleaning underneath the aircraft with WD40and a good cloth because she deserves a good clean.

Then every Sunday after that, it was my job to let people in the Bomb bay via the access door, plus a pair of pyramid steps. I thought I was very privileged.

Later on when she was in the hangar, when the return to flight was possible, Dave Thorpe, the crew chief left me and my friend Graham Smith remove an inspection panel. We had to sign for the screw driver then we had to go upstairs to the office and sign the record book.

So I felt quite emotional when she made a fly by over Bruntingthorpe recently. I feel very proud to have been involved with her from the day she landed and while she was at Bruntingthorpe.