Hi, with reference to your request for photos and stories, as this year (2020) is 558’s 60th birthday I thought these photos of her 30th might be of interest.  I’m not sure how these photos will reproduce for your great magazine, but these are a selection taken in the evening at 558’s 30th birthday party at Woodford after their air show had ended, at the end of June 1990. 

Mrs Faulks and her son had come from Jersey for the party and we were lucky to go up into the cockpit with them and hear some of their memories.  It was a lovely summers evening.  I remember we had a party in a marquee with a Beatles tribute band, a buffet and someone had made this lovely birthday cake.  Many of the air crews from that days flying display also came and joined in the fun.  I think I could say a good time was had by all. 

The small model had been used in one of the James Bond films.  “Thunderball” I think.  
Hope this will be of interest to your many readers although I’m sure there are many out there who were also present that night. 
All the best for the New Year 
Geoff and Margaret Price