I felt the need to share this memory with you as silly as it might be. But whilst visiting XH558 in her hanger earlier this year 2015, I was astonished to note that her first maiden flight after restoration was on the 18th October (my birthday) in the year 2007 when my much wanted daughter was born, in the year that my Nan died. From the very first time I saw XH558 in flight I was mesmerised by her majesty and grace in the air.

I remember the spine tingling ‘howl’ and how it made my heart pound with excitement. I know that this isn’t much, but I felt the need to speak up, 2007 was my most memorable year for so many heart felt reasons, of which ‘Our lady of grace’ is one. I have bought much memorabilia and visits to air shows and followed her around the Country.

She will be greatly missed by all in her flight path, it is simply a travesty her being ‘grounded’.