In the late 1980’s I was privileged to be invited to Goose Bay, Labrador by C.O.Wing Commander Bill Burnett.

On picking me up in his Chevy from the plane he drove back to the mess on the perimeter track, it was dark and snow was swirling. All of a sudden his headlights picked up an Avro Vulcan appearing to taxi towards us, it was quite frightening for a moment, then Bill said he often subjected his visitors to this experience. The Vulcan was of course XL361, the gate guard and looked very imposing.

I had a very enjoyable visit for a week with Bill and his skeleton staff at this Nato Base. One of my prized possessions is the RAF Goose Bay Squadron tie which Bill gave me.

All these memories came flooding back this Sunday when I visited RAF Duxford to see the flight past of XH 558 during her last year in flying service.

Thank you for those memories Bill, as the Wing Co of the Vulcan Display team in the past you must have great memories also.