Looking out one morning, bleary-eyed, from local in air traffic Leuchars, at the airfield. The UK and part of Western Europe had gone ‘black’ the night before and the airfield was now littered with multitudinous different types of aircraft from all over the place. There were Lightings, Hunters, Canberra’s from Germany, Javelins, a Shackleton from Kinloss and others from the UK and, Cockpit and find above everything else were three white Vulcans, parked on the southern taxiway, glistening in the sun, with the river Eden in the background. I remember thinking

‘How on earth are we going to get his lot sorted out and airborne again?’

However, the watch had been on duty since 1700 the previous evening and we were due off at 0800, with breakfast, bath and bed-bliss!! It had been a very busy night!