I lived in Codsall, in Staffordshire, when I was growing up. Just down the road is RAF Cosford, and every year they have the Air show – it was on an Air show day when I was looking out of the windows of my Mum and Dads, to try and get a glimpse of some of the planes – we never really got to go to the Air show itself.

On one such occasion I could hear an almighty roaring sound and looked out of my bedroom to see a Vulcan bomber, flying right over our house – to a 12 or 13 year old, it looked close enough to touch, but the sight, and sound of that fantastic plane sowed the seeds of a lifelong interest in planes, and jets in particular. The plane on that day was probably XH558 – I think it was the RAF display plane at the time.

I still live near to Cosford, in Shifnal, and was lucky enough to see XH558 on numerous occasions over the last few years – it will be a shame not to be able to see her again – well, flying anyway !