I had gone to the Fleet Air Arm Show at Yeovilton with my parents and two long term village pals of my parents. Hadn’t thought about things like a hat for the sun or a chair or …. ear plugs.

I saw a Vulcan on the ground and my Mum doing her usual excited thing about seeing her and I made sure she got her (first of many) lapel pins. Then it was time for the display and this beautiful v shape took off into the air with a roar that vibrated through my entire body. And the sight that had me buying MY first lapel pin and remember her name from then on, was the spectacle of this enormous plane majestically approaching the crowd, almost appearing to hover, before pointing her nose at the sky and shooting straight up with a howl that I have never, ever, ever, forgotten.

Oooh I got goose bumps, a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes just recalling the memory!