My first memory (albeit I can’t actually remember it myself) of XH558, is being told the story of how I was sound asleep in my pram next to the car at RIAT ’92. Apparently, much to my mom’s amazement, XH558’s roar and howl did not cause me to stir in the slightest!

How I wish I could have witnessed a display before she was grounded. My Pop says it was much better than they are today!

My second memory, was sitting in the cockpit of XL360 based at Coventry with a guy – I can’t remember who he was – thinking how cramped the thing was! Being so young (about 7 or 8), I thought because the aircraft is so big that the inside would be spacious!

I was quite upset that I couldn’t see out of the windows, I thought the pilot needed a huge windscreen to look out of so he could see where he was going. The only thing I remember the guy was telling us, is how the crew used to go to the toilet on long flights – he even showed me the receptacle for the inevitable.