My wonderful Uncle Arthur helped foster my love of the Air show from the age of four.

It was he that first introduced me to the Avro Vulcan at RAF St Athan back in the late 70s. I remember its huge delta wing vanishing up into the cloud with the howl of the engines roaring around us. Both of us were grinning!

Thirty years later, the experience had not changed. However, it was now accompanied with a pint of bitter.

I decided to place our names in XH558 as part of the Winter Service.

At the Kemble Air show 2011, Uncle Arthur and I saw our names first hand.

The aircraft that had bonded the generations of our family had left its mark on us and we on it. Sadly, this was to be the last time we saw this wonderful aircraft together. He passed away shortly after.

Every time I observe the Vulcan, I am grateful for our shared memories and will be raising a pint when I see her for the final time this year.