When I was young my Dad used to take us to see the local air show.

He worked for the AA & knew the best places to park! He loved the BBMF, but I loved the Vulcan. He used to laugh at me as I got so emotional!!

It was so graceful & quiet, nothing like a bomber! Then it would soar at amazing speed & that roar & howl would kick in; I could feel it rattling in my chest! So graceful yet so powerful.

Last year I took my Mum to Empingham, near Rutland Water. I knew the Vulcan would be somewhere nearby, but had little hope of seeing it. About to give up, we suddenly spotted her in the distance. As beautiful as I remembered her.

As she approached my Mum started waving madly (with apologies to the transport ambulance she accidently flagged down!); at that moment XH558 banked right in front of us! Heaven! It felt like a private air show just for us!

I managed to grab a few photos; not my best, but I don’t need pictures to remember that day.

Thanks Pops; I know you arranged it! I guess you had a good laugh too!