My dad used to take me every year on a coach from Watford to the air show. Always a big event, with aircraft breaking the sound barrier in all weathers…. I loved it. But the biggest draw were the V force. Always impressive and although I cant now ask dad, I am convinced we saw the Vulcan as a flying testbed for the new and exciting Concorde.

To this day the way the ground shook as the afterburners were turned on is permanently engraved on my mind. I also think that in the loft there is a much cosseted programme from that day safely locked in an old case I used for my treasures. one day I will look it out.

Recently when the last flying Vulcan toured all the UK sites that had an input into the Vulcan I took my two boys along(7 & 10) and we sat on a hillside near a still active Raff base near Aylesbury and watched with several hundred people as the Vulcan banked and turned, still impressive.

A new generation of military aircraft fans…. I hope so. Thank you dad for these fond memories