From being 5 years old and for many years, I visited the air displays at Church Fenton in Yorkshire with my family, Mum, Dad and two brothers. Immediately after the Vulcan had displayed and departed I would say to Dad ‘can we go home now?’ and he would always say ‘there isn’t only you to consider lady!!!’ I’m 65 now but can remember the feeling of having to cool my heels.

It was great if the Vulcan was on last because we’d watched all the other aircraft and seeing the Vulcan and feeling the ground shake was the highlight of my day!!

I saw the Vulcan in Scarborough three days ago and the feeling of utter joy as the Vulcan ‘howled’ overhead was almost overpowering.

I have to admit that I was struggling with the tears knowing that this is her last year. Respect to all who have kept her flying