In 1969, while serving in the Directorate of Legal Services, Royal Air Force, I was sent to RAF Scampton to prosecute at a court martial- a matter of public record.

After the conclusion of the case, I obtained security clearance to go air-side to visit Guy Gibson’s black labrador, as I was particularly interested in the Dambusters story.

Scampton was at that time a V- bomber station, and there, out on the tarmac, were some Vulcan bombers. I also attended a court martial around that time, I think at RAF Wyton , of some personnel who had placed some empty oil drums at the end of the runway, to collect venting fuel for their own purposes from the Vulcans before take-off.

I think one took these magnificent aircraft for granted at the time of the Cold War. Though it was a lovely sight to see the delta wing shape of a Vulcan in flight, it is really only now I have come to fully appreciate it, as with that other icon, Concorde, it disappears from our skies.