As a child in the 60’s my family lived a mile up the A45 from Coventry Airport so when the air displays were on we had a great view from our garden of all the aircraft. The 1 that I will always remember is the Vulcan, the shape of her and the sound of her engines unlike any other gets into your heart and soul. I loved her then as I do now.

My parents lived in the same house until 4years ago and took all of the grandson’s to the Midland Air Museum to see XL360.

My son Thomas has gone on to become a pilot and during a visit home in 2013 took his grandpa to the Museum and with the help of the guide took my 88 year father into the cockpit, a 1st for both of them!

On Sunday 28th June I stood at Coventry Airport to see XH558 salute XL360, tears and a smile on my face at the sight and sound of her took me back to my childhood in the garden seeing that magnificent lady all those years ago. Thank you.