My dad kept his own personal written record of aircraft he worked on whilst at Armstrong Whitworth at Baginton and Bitteswell Aerodromes, including fuel tank mods on XH558.

Following a career as a Corporal LAC in the RAF from Cranwell, he always loved watching the Vulcan at the many air shows we to together in the 60s and 70s.

He would have been so proud too knowing that not only am I a volunteer for Vulcan to the Sky, but also a a member of Classic Air forces Ground Support Team at Baginton Coventry Airport.

I have seen many displays of this iconic British Cold War Bomber, an aircraft which means so much to many, and which will be sadly missed from our skies at the close of the air display season this year 2015.

Had it not been for David Walton, the first person with the vision to see this aircraft fly again following retirement, and then VTTS Trust, then we would never have been able to marvel at this great British aircraft of such recognisable planform.