Being born in Farnborough, in 1947 and as a lad, watching lots of test flying, also enjoying the best years of the, then, yearly air shows of the 50’s and 60’s.

Through the Summer school holidays we enjoyed two weeks of Farnborough, one full week of rehearsals and one week of the real show. we enjoyed continuous Vics of Vulcans, Victors, Valiants, followed by Vics of Canberra’s. Watched the four minute scramble, in the pouring rain of four Vulcans, incredible, howl, smoke and mist.

Watching a Vulcan, lob bombing technique, half loop then roll off the top in a cloud of vapour. Watching a Vulcan being flown on one Concorde engine, low down the length of the airfield.

What glory, glory years, absolute magic!!!