I grew up in the town of Worksop about 30 minutes from the then RAF Finningley.

At the age of ten (1964-65) my father took me to my first air display, this was at Finningley, I was 10yrs old at the time, and had a passion for aviation. As we approached the runway I could see four Vulcan bombers static at an angle to the main runway. They looked beautiful in their white livery against the dark sky, little did I know what was about to happen. I noticed that there were crew men and generator sets next to each aircraft, then the generators started up and the Olympus engines burst into life, my heart was pounding and I could not believe that wonderful noise, and then to my amazement they taxied the short distance onto the main runway and one by one full power was applied and each aircraft took off in turn, thick black smoke from each engine exhaust, WOW what an impression that made on me as a 10 yr. old.

To this day I have not experienced anything as impressive as that.