I first saw the Vulcan at the Finningley Air Shows of the 1980s when I took my young boys. I fell in love instantly, though I had never had any interest in planes before (the Vulcan sticker, from one of those visits, finally disintegrated on my utility room window only a few years ago and I was so sad).

However many, many years later, at Rossington traffic lights, I heard a distinctive, unmistakeable sound; the Vulcan flew right over our heads, turning our stomachs inside out! I had no idea she was flying again!

I instantly changed lanes and raced to the end of the runway, but missed her landing on that occasion. However, I have made it up since by being at as many of her outings as I can, standing at the end of the runway with fellow enthusiasts, watching her take off and land and feeling that amazing distinctive power surge just above our heads.

I am so sad that she will not fly again but so grateful that I was able to see her so many times.

Thank you Vulcan! One amazing lady!