My parents were moving to the CI in ’53/’54 and my 15 year old brother and I, 16, were billeted with my aunt & uncle in Bristol for the school hols.

They had two daughters, one older than us and one younger and lived close to Filton. We kids were all in the garden on a lovely sunny day when a deep shadow passed over us – I don’t remember any forewarning noise – and above us appeared this truly awesome, threatening, evil-looking, black, to my eyes, craft. It was something out of science fiction to kids who read Dan Dare every week.

In my memory, it was very low so maybe coming in to land after a test flight? It certainly unnerved us at the time but has given me a very special memory over the years.

I have never seen it since so, even though quite ill at the time, my son took me to Eastbourne a couple of years ago just to see it fly, only to find that the schedule had been changed and that I had missed it! I could have cried. Such a disappointment. We shall try again this year.