I was brought up in Wilmslow Cheshire and still live here. Wilmslow is not far from Woodford plane building plant which is sadly no longer. Very sad.

The first time my brothers and I saw the Vulcan was when we were small and playing in the garden, when the Vulcan passed over our heads, and we ran terrified into the house to tell our parents that a spaceship was going to kidnap us, because it was so shining white, our dad explained we weren’t being taken to an alien planet.

Once we’d recovered, every time the plane flew over, we just stood and watched with out mouths open looking at the brilliant engineering and beauty thanks to the brains of Stuart Davies and Roy Ewans.

The Vulcan has always been dear to me in my childhood. It is such a shame and also very sad driving past Woodford, as we always went to the summer air show there. Happy memories.