Like most Lincoln kids of my age, I grew up with the Vulcans in the air around me day after day.

Living not far from Waddington they were literally overhead.

I have not seen XH558 once in her second life as I live in Canada, but I have been watching in awe of her flight films and form and sounds and many childhood memories.

As a young air cadet I was smuggled inside the rear crew cabin for a Vulcan flight just once. It was an amazing experience. I didn’t record it in my flight log for obvious reasons. It may have been XH558…but who knows. 1967 I think, Crew Chief was MAC Charlie Staples. (Thanks Charlie! RIP).

I have been impressed with the way Martin Withers has been throwing her around the sky this last year. I feel sorry for the flying crew now. It’s the end. No more Vulcans in the sky, again. History moves on.