As a youngster I lived in Bawtry from 2 years old till I was 24.

Bawtry was Strike Command headquarters in Bawtry Hall and where my Mother lives now was on the old site of the RAF base in the grounds of the Hall. Finningley was where the aircraft were based which as the crow flies is around 3 miles from the end of the main runway.

As a resident of Bawtry we were well used to the periodic Vulcan scramble with around 5 or 6 aircraft taking off at full power with around what seemed like 10 or 15 seconds between each aircraft. if the prevailing wind decreed take off was over Bawtry then we would experience the full Scramble!

The noise was incredible and the sound of the 4 jet engines on a Vulcan at full throttle is ingrained on my subconscious as there is no other sound like it. Every year saw the air display taking place and in the 1960’s we would see all of the Cold War jets being put through their paces.

Seeing XH588 fly past today was magical! What an aircraft!