I was on detachment from 12 Signals Unit RAF Episkopi in support of deployment to Shiraz in Iran of Vulcan aircraft from RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus. During the detachment one aircraft had a hang up of main undercarriage leg on the port side.

The Captain managed to put the aircraft down on one of two parallel runways on the remaining starboard side main undercarriage and nose wheel. He then gently lowered the port wing onto the runway ( textbook perfect ). Sadly the aircraft slewed to the left and hit a wide deep ditch which was not marked on the airfield plans. The aircraft at speed hit the ditch which ripped off the rest of the undercarriage and the aircraft collapsed into the ditch and ended up cat 5 components. All the crew survived and congratulated the Captain on a landing which was better than normal. The Iranian observer on board was a little bemused by this.

The aircraft was left in situ in Shiraz. Sad day but all aircrew safe. See Vulcan from Akrotiri dropping 21 X 1000lb bombs.