I can remember as a very young boy being parked up on the grass next to the runway at Woodford and having aircraft flying over head, which wouldn’t happen today, but fantastic to see!

I remember my dad taking me around the flight sheds to look at the nimrod they were working on. I can remember so many planes that are no longer flying and sadly the Vulcan will be next.

Because of my dad I have been interested in planes all my life and enjoy air shows today, we watched the Vulcan over Manchester Airport on Saturday and I had a lump in my throat think my dad would have loved to have been with us; but he was, in my thoughts!

My daughter was with us and I hope I’ve past my love of planes onto her as she loves sitting and watching the planes at Manchester airport, I’m sure many of us have fantastic memories of air shows past and the beautiful air craft of days gone by!

These thoughts will stay with me and make me sad and make me smile but they are happy memories and they are mine.