I joined the RAF as an Aircraft Apprentice in 1953 and was trained as an Air Radio Fitter at No 1 Radio School, RAF Locking, graduating as a Junior Tech in July 1956.

After working on Canberra B2s of 57 Squadron at RAF Honington and RAF Coningsby, I was promoted and posted to RAF Waddington, where I was sent on a course at Bomber Command Ground Tech Training Facility to learn about the Avro Vulcan wireless and radar equipment installation.

Upon completing the course, I was put to work on the Vulcan B1s of No 230 OCU at RAF Waddington. I worked shifts of 12 hrs on and 24 hours off with a long weekend off every third week. An Avro CWP were carrying out work on the B1s to convert them to B2s.

I was employed as an air radar fitter and had a couple of air radar mechanics to clear radar snags and carry out inspections. We had lots of Green Satin Doppler equipment snags, requiring the equipment to be changed. This was done by using a winch to lower the equipment tray from the wing underside