It was a privilege to have served with the V Force at RAF Finningley period August 1961 until Aug 1963. I was then but a lowly corporal supplier in the VOG Cell expediting spares. During this particular period I saw myself under the wing of a Vulcan guarding it with a pick-helve, dressed in a MT Jerkin poncho and not much else.

It was the Cuban Missile crisis and my aircraft was armed and ready to go a frightening situation even more so by the very basic personal weapon given to me – a pick helve. Change days to say the least better kit all round today!!!

I also remember in the November that year the whole station being assigned to snow clearance – large shovels greatcoat RAF blue-grey woollen gloves. The tip to technology was a small jet engine with a large nozzle attached to a fuel bowser ply up and down the runway to melt the ice & snow. Oh happy days!!

My final memory was as the Logistics SNCO for the RAF Detachment at Offutt AFB in Nebraska 1973-1976 great times.