I well remember being posted from RAF Marham to RAF Finningley just prior to it being opened for the Vulcan.

By great good fortune my new Officer was Flight Lieutenant Gamlin who was also a Hull man and knowing that I was coming he rang the ferry terminal at New Holland and left a message for me to take a week off as there was nothing to do. Eventually I got to Base and spent some time helping the married families officer to furnish married quarters. I even got to pick my own type A quarter.

The time spent on the Vulcan was fantastic and I used it to obtain my STQ Specialist Technical Qualification which stood me in good stead when I was posted to RAF Scampton.

I remember all the loud engine runs at night and the diversion to Scotland at the time of the Cuban Crisis and not getting home for three days even though my quarter was nearly in sight.

A good time and I missed it when I retired on Feb 25th 1970 when My Wife and I settled in Perth Western Australia. All the best to you.