I was a Nav Radar on Vulcans at Waddington (72-73) & Scampton (73-80). My squadrons/units were 101 and 27. I was then OCNRS as an instructor on 230 OCU till retirement.

I flew on 62 different B2 models including 40hrs on the surviving XH558.

I miss the competitive banter within the Sqn community.’101 are Wonderful’, ‘Fantastic 50′, ’44 are the Cream of Society’. Always keen and never malicious!

It was a brave man who entered the Mess Bar on his own without fellow Sqn backup. It was the same within the Canberra village at Akrotiri (65 to 69), 6, 32,249, 73 Sqns, I was very fortunate with my crews but it was always easy to swop at short notice; such was the common bond within the aircrew community.