North Weald Flight in Concorde with XH558

I joined the Vulcan Association in 1988. I payed numerous visits to Waddington and to many Air Shows especially Finningley as my Father-in-law was a member of the Sergeants mess there.

I was offered the opportunity of buying a ticket to fly on Concorde alongside XH558 at North Weald air field. This was on the 23rd June 1991.

I set of from Heathrow flew up to North Weald, met up with XH558 and flew alongside her for a few moments. The weather was awful, but that did not matter. It was very exciting, I was waving away like a five year old. I never came down to earth for a week. I also went to her 30th Birthday party at Woodford which was excellent.

I have supported her in everything she has needed. She is a big part of my life, and always will be.

I dread the day she lands for good.

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