My dad worked at Woodford in the early fifties wiring the cockpits of the Vulcans. I have fond memories of attending a Christmas Party held for the children of employees.

The party was held in one of the hangars under the wing of the Vulcan. All the children sat at long tables and typical ‘party food’ of the era was served, sandwiches, jelly and cakes as I recall. It was a very special time although as a child I didn’t understand the significance of the role of the Vulcan.

My dad has been dead for some years now, but he always spoke fondly of his time at Woodford. I have seen the Vulcan fly many times, being very grateful for all the time and effort that has gone into restoring and maintaining her.

Sadly my dad never saw it fly, although I have a lovely picture of him at Cosford Air Museum sat in his wheelchair under the wing of the Vulcan – I asked if I could photo him there as a special favour. After I explained about his connection with it, the staff were wonderful.