In the 1960’s my late cousin, Peter Tame, from Barry in South Wales, joined the RAF.

He became a Navigator (Radar) on Vulcans. He was in 617 Squadron (Dam busters) and was based at Scampton and Waddington during his service.

For 6 months he was on Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) which involved him and his crew sitting at the end of a runway with engines running ready to take off and deliver the nuclear bomb to its target. The crew knew that if they were deployed, they would not return or, if they did, there would be little left of the UK to return to.

Thankfully, deterrence was such that the Vulcan’s nuclear weapon never had to be dropped. Had it been, it would have been the Nav (Radar) role to aim and fire the weapon. What a responsibility. I am immensely proud of him and his achievements.

Peter Tame was promoted to Wing Commander and spent the end of his career in Germany working on the avionics for the Tornado and later at the MoD.