I have many memories of V-force displays at air shows particularly at Farnborough. But two occasions stick in my memory both from 1958.

Being a member of the school CCF air force section it was normal practice for the section annual camp to take place at an RAF base somewhere in the UK. In 1958 it was at RAF Cottesmore and apart from the flying that we did, the sight of Victor bombers arriving and departing is something I will always remember. What an aircraft. It’s futuristic styling would not look out of place in todays air force.

My brother and I together with our parents went to Farnborough for several years in the 1950’s but 1958 was the most memorable for one thing!! The Vulcan, the Valiant and the Victor took off together one behind the other. I can feel the vibration now and the sight of the Vulcan as she pulled up was awe-inspiring.