My affinity to all Vulcans relates to my posting to RAF Waddington in 1957.

I worked on the GCA-MPN-1A Ground Radar site in the middle of the airfield. Seeing -these mighty beasts taking of & landing most days, unfortunately cameras were not allowed could have had some memorable pictures.

The time that will always stay with me was on Friday 28th 1958 in early evening XA902 returning only to crash land & slide across the grass to finish up approx. 30 yards away from our site we quickly had to switch off all our high voltage gear for fear of arcing and setting of the aviation fuel, never mind we had a long weekend off until she was moved.

I also had the opportunity to many other aircraft notable the Canberra, Lightning, Javelin and the American B47, B52 and many others. I was doing my National Service.