It was 1981. I was a typical 8 year old boy of that era, interested in Star Wars and space. I grew up in Nottingham and parts of Lincolnshire.

One day whilst out driving through Lincolnshire in the family car, I noticed a space ship behind a big fence and asked my Dad if that space ship I could see was in the Star Wars film. My Dad, puzzled asked what I meant. My wide eyes were firmly focused on a big delta-winged space-age plane, soon to be known to me as the Vulcan. My experience of planes aged 8 was limited, but I didn’t care too much, I’d seen the Vulcan!

The following year, I remember my Dad watching the news and getting very animated. He used to talk to the TV a lot, but this seemed different. I asked what was the matter? To a 9 year old, it was just another country moving into the Falklands. When my Dad said that the Vulcan we saw at Waddington visited the Falklands I said that the Argentinians had better go and hide, the space plane Vulcan is very fast and scary!