As a rigger at Waddington in the 70’s we got used to the Taccy Val’s (Tactical Evaluation Exercise ) being dispersed ourselves all over the country to look after the Vulcans after they had scattered out of Waddo.

I usually ended up at Coningsby Cottesmore Finningley Or wherever After a bumpy coach ride with the rest of the ground crew. We would see in 4 of them. Turn them around and wait for the scramble on exercise. One in particular was a little different however we clambered aboard a flying pig and flew down to St Morgan to await our 4 Vulcans. Sure enough we marshalled them in, and began our routine servicing.

Hang on a minute Eye Balls In The Sky, some shouted and sure enough a fifth Vulcan on approach.

errr ok where on the dispersal should we put him???

Ok chief what’s going on.

Lincs and York’s fogged in diversions coming your way. 4 more marshalled in. YOU’RE JOKING

‘Eye Balls In The Sky’

12 kites we ended up with. What a night. SCRAMBLE Cornwall shook for a week.