The NCO i/c duty crew poked his head round the crew room door. ‘Stand by duty crew, aircraft incoming’ The duty crew went out through the tunnel in the centre of the airfield side of the hangar and waited.

Then we saw to our left, a Vulcan on final approach, gear down and air brakes extended, smoking a bit as the throttles were held slightly open.

A smooth touchdown, brake ‘chute deployed, braking run to the runway intersection and brake ‘chute released. Right turn onto the perimeter track and taxi towards us.

‘looks bigger’ someone said. ‘What’s that lump at arse end?’ said another.

The NCO ic duty crew turn to me. ‘Grab the 700 ASAP and get it to the office’.

Marshalled between 4 and 5 hangars, the aircraft came to a stop and the engines shut down.

XH558 had arrived at 230 OCU RAF Waddington, 1st June 1960. The first B2 into service.