I was born in 1943 with my father (William Norman Corn) employed as an electronics development engineer at the Royal Aircraft Establishment.

I had a very exciting childhood watching cutting edge British Aeronautical developments in the skies over Farnborough, particularly during the Air Shows.

My first abiding memory is that from the Air Show in 1955 when ”Roly” performed that now famous barrel roll in his Vulcan, for which I believe he received a reprimand. (Large bombers do not perform thus!) At the time, aged 12, I had a holiday job cutting scrub in the grounds of Lyndley School at the top of Fernhill Road on the hillside facing towards the airfield. I had never seen, or more to the point – heard anything like it. As he pulled up and away out of the roll, I had all four of those Olympus engines pointing directly at me and the hillside–the noise was deafening, and I could feel my insides vibrating.

Still a vivid memory after all these years.