THE VULCAN TO THE SKY PROJECT (XH558) has resulted in reminding me of what an incredible aircraft the Vulcan is.

I spent 23 years in the RAF and 16 of those were with the Vulcan at RAF Scampton and Waddington.

I joined the V force in 1960 and other than a couple of postings I was with the Vulcan until the famous Falkland sorties took place.

That was an amazing time because of the hard work and long hours we had to put in preparing the aircraft and the installing of the under wing pylons to enable them to carry to carry Shrike missiles and anti-radar pods.

I was in charge of one of the teams of armorers loading the 1,000lb bombs at Waddington for transit to the Ascension Islands. I also had the unique experience of off-loading Shrike missiles from a Phantom aircraft and loading to the Vulcan.

After all that work we cheered and clapped as we watched the heavy Vulcans take off one by one to begin what we now know as the prelude to Martin’s famous Black Buck OP.

I am very proud to have been part of the life of this wonderful aircraft through all its years in its different roles of nuclear bombs of all sizes, Blue steel missile, conventional 1,000 bombs etc… Red Flag Offutt Air force base Nevada, Maple Flag Cold Lake Canada.

I thank you at Vulcan to the Sky for all your hard work and giving me the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular flights of XH558 through your videos and stories via your e-mails. ONCE SEEN, NEVER FORGOTTEN. This is very true of the Vulcan. An amazing feat of advance British engineering