We were lucky enough to be in London for the weekend of Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th June 2015, which happened to coincide with the V-Force farewell tour.

On Sunday we headed to the RAF Museum at Hendon arriving early PM along with a lot of other people. The Vulcan was due to flypast at 14:00hrs and although cloudy with some isolated showers the sun poked through just prior to the allotted time.

All eyes were looking in the general direction provided by the reception at the museum and sure enough just before 14:00hrs the unmistakeable shape of the Avro Vulcan appeared low and fast approaching the museum entrance. Within a moment the Vulcan made a sharp bank to the left and the sound vibrated throughout the area.

As the sound subsided there was a spontaneous applause from everyone which resulted in me becoming emotional and shedding a tear. A moment I will cherish forever.