When I completed my National Service in the RAF I got a job at Vickers, Weybridge (Brooklands), working as an Aircraft Electrician on the Valiant production line.

I spent all day in a small compartment behind the pressure bulkhead above the nose wheel bay wiring up the distribution panels that took all the cables coming in from the wings etc. The noise was terrific as the aircraft was being built around me and the riveting was continuous.

When the aircraft at the front of the line was completed it was taken out of the hanger to begin its engine runs. The problem was that the Fin was higher than the hanger doors opening. The procedure was to jack the front of the aircraft up to allow the Fin to pass under the door opening as it was towed out.

When an aircraft was ready to fly it took off from the old runway, which no longer exists, and flew over By fleet village on its way to the airfield at Wisley. There was great pride in watching that take off.